Potato Dishes

Below are a range of videos that show you how to prepare various potato dishes using finest quality Donegal Harvest Potatoes.

Smoked Salmon & Potato Rosti

How to make Smoked Salmon & Potato Rosti by Mark Moriarty

Potato Wedges

How to make Potato Wedges with Mushroom and Garlic Sauce by Mark Moriarty

Bacon Cabbage Gratin

How to make the perfect Bacon Cabbage Gratin by Patrick Og Gallagher

Patatas Bravas

How to make the perfect Patasas Bravas with Cod by Mark Moriarty

Hash Browns

How to make the perfect Boston Style hash Browns by Patrick Og Gallagher

Potato Salad

How to make the perfect Potato Lunchbox Salad by Mark Morriarty